Following the instructions of the Ministry of Tourism, Hania Camping is implementing a new health protocol. The Protocol includes the development of an Action Plan and the development of a Suspected Case Management Plan.

The aim of the Action Plan is to prevent the occurrence and effective management of suspicious cases in order to limit the exposure of staff and guests, always in accordance with the current guidelines of the National Public Health Organization. The Action Plan complies with the recommendations of the National Public Health Organization and will be revised according to the developments.

The measures described in the Action Plan and the Suspected Case Management Plan are meant to protect our staff and guests and to outline the necessary measures to prevent and protect against COVID-19 disease.


Take a small trip to Chania, try out the Cretan cuisine and Visit some of the best places Of the world.


Balos lagoon is a heaven on earth of turquoise waters, pink-tinged white sands and wild, exotic beauty. Located at 17 km northwest of Kissamos, between the Gramvousa Cape and small rocky peninsula of Tigani, which connects with the rest of Crete via a thin strip of land, thus forming the famous Balos lagoon. Its southwest side is open to sea and forms a natural harbour, protected by winds due to the islet of Imeri Gramvousa across from it.


It takes a few seconds for the visitor arriving at Elafonisi to grasp the majestic, natural masterpiece that is laid out before them. A small peninsula split at its tip by the sea’s waters, resembling a separate island. The setting is tropical and enchanting, triggering an instant sense of marvel. Thin, white and pink tinted sands, cedars, jade crystal-clear waters, a natural lagoon at its north side, the open sea at its south, all underlined by the endless horizon.

Old Town

Get in the time machine by taking a walk in the picturesque and historical alleys of the Old Town of Chania.
At each step, you will experience a successive combination of Byzantine,
Venetian and classical Greek cultural elements. Revitalized from its ashes, the old city of Chania, literally because it was bombed and burned several times in its long history, is declared one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean.


Falasarna beach is located on the Gramvousa Peninsula, 15 km west of Kissamos. This is one of Greece’s most renowned beaches, listed in the top ten of dreamy European shores and has been awarded in the past as Crete’s finest beach. With a vast, ca. 3 km, coastline that essentially consists of five consecutive beaches divided by rocks or sand dunes, with two of them attracting the largest crowds. The most popular is Pachia Ammos, spanning 1 km in length and of ample width; that is why it never looks crowded no matter how many its visitors.